Lunch at Banh Mi Bay

Having grown up in Asia, I always resort to Asian comfort food and a Vietnamese Pho always does the trick.

An authentic Pho is even better! Working in the city of London, there are many lunch choices and Banh Mi Bay offers some delightful food. I’ve only ever had a take away from here (which is an experience for Pho!) but their full menu looks amazing. Nice home cooked food!

Pho would take too long for me to reproduce as it is a broth cooked for several hours and takes patience! The rest is straightforward – raw beef or brisket and rice noodles with plenty of herbs, chilli, bean sprouts and topped with chilli and plum sauce. Delicious!

Prawn summer rolls are also amazing. I have memories of being introduced to these in Thailand and never being able to find it in London! I have found the ingredients and made it myself, maybe I’ll add this to the blog one day. Instead of greasy fried spring rolls, these are made with rice paper and literally taste of Summer as they’re so fresh!

Vietnamese Pho with beef brisket and prawn/pork summer rolls

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