Soho Joe’s – Wagyu Burger 

After visiting San Sebastian this summer, I was keen to hunt out a good wagyu burger.  I’d experienced a great wagyu slider there and it melted in the mouth and caused me to have dreams about trying it again!

So when I saw an Instagram post from someone in London showing one for £10 at Soho Joe’s…I had to go!

The experience was a little strange.  There was no online booking and you had a phone a mobile number, where the person struggled to understand my name and once we were there, no-one explained that we had to order at the bar and after 15 minutes we flaggfed someone down who explained this to us.  But it was still happy hour so we made the most of that. And then came our Welsh wagyu burger.

Don’t get me wrong, it was good…just not great and not how I remembered it in San Sebastian. It could have done with a bit more seasoning.  So I’m still on the hunt for a GREAT wagyu burger in London!  If anyone has any recommendations, let me know!


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