Bimbimbap at Spoon Tree

This is one of my favourite little hidden places in the City of London: Spoon Tree.  An authentic little Korean place which tries new tactics to draw customers in.  From loyalty cards to new types of snacks and treats.  I tend to go for one thing only though, just because I always crave it.  Beef bulgogi bimbimbap with brown rice (lot’s of bs in this sentence!) and then carrot, spinach, bean sprouts, red cabbage, turnip and onion with chili sauce on top!

It’s getting really cold in London so this definitely does the trick! Korean food is quite “in” right now, with lots of places in and around Soho and of course, New Malden, which offers plenty of options and plenty of Asian food stores.

I’m also obsessed with Aloe drinks, in the same way that I’m obsessed with Bubble Tea (maybe something to do with the bits?) and I love mango, so this works well for me for a filling and nutritious lunch!


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