Ichiryu Ramen Noodles

Ichiryu – Japanese Ramen

After following Ichiryu on Instagram for a while, I finally managed to get a chance to go and try it for myself.

I love all things Asian, and an authentic ramen with udon noodles, just hits the spot.  Unfortunately, this place only came about after I left working in the area, otherwise I probably would have worked my way through the menu!

The place was quaint and I had a look around and saw that a lot of the clientele were Asian and potentially Japanese.  So I hope this was a sign of a good bowl of noodle soup!

Three of us shared some gyozas and then we ordered our ramen.  One had the house special ‘Niku Beef’ which was sukiyaki beef with egg, fishcake, with extra additions in a tsuyu bonito soup.  I was assured this was delicious!  I opted for a favourite of mine ‘Tonkotsu’ with BBQ pork, egg, mushrooms and a tonkotsu pork soup and then we had a slight mix up.

A friend ordered the ‘Prawn Tempura’ ramen but instead was served the vegetarian ‘Kimichi Jjigae’ which was accidentally put on our table.  It took a while to try and flag someone down to point out the mistake and since it takes 10-15 mins wait for this, we wanted to get it to the right person.  Alas, it was too late and the person on the next table had to wait for another one.  We also had the prawn ramen on our table, but no-one can manage two bowls!

I’d definitely like to try more from this place as a ramen is always soothing for me and I do tend to get my ramen and pho cravings!


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