Kebabs at Le Bab

I know what you’re thinking… kebab?  This is no takeaway kebab at 2am after dancing away and downing a few drinks with an order of cheesy chips though.

Based in Kingly Court near Soho and Carnaby Street, this place prides itself on kebab style meals and wine selection. Kingly court is a gem and I’m always keen to see what is available there.

After a little deliberation, we picked Le Bab for a quick and easy lunch. I opted for the ‘Grilled thigh of chicken shish’ which came with squash hummus, garlic toum and pickled heritage carrots. However, I don’t think I paid enough attention as upon looking at the photo I took, I think I ended up with lamb as this matches the description with parsnip crisps!  Surely I can tell the difference though and maybe carrots and crisps were substituted?  My Mum accompanied me again and ordered the falafel one with beetroot and pickled kale.

With a cider and pink lemonade to drink, we devoured our lunch, which although was messy, surely hit the spot. We did however find it difficult to spot who the waiters were, as they seemed to have no uniform and one was wearing the exact same outfit as me! (White jumper and jeans). 

I might return again but I’d like to try other places in Kingly Court first but it was good for a quick bite once you picked out who was a waiter.


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