Brunch at Granger & Co

Happy Australia Day! Down a quiet road in Clerkenwell, you’ll find Granger & Co, a lovely bright space with a buzzing crowd. My first clue that this was an Australian place was their classic ‘Fresh Aussie’ with Jasmin tea hot smoked salmon, poached eggs and avocado.

My suspicion was confirmed by my Australian friend, who said that it was similar to Bills in Australia (not to be confused with Bill’s that we know in the UK). Bill Granger set up his restaurant and a number of cooking books and Granger & Co is an extension of this with a few locations in London.

With a friend who was late and one who went to the wrong venue (oops!) we ordered some courgette chips to nibble on with a tahini dip.  Lovely and light and just right before ordering our main course.  I also sampled their green juice which consisted of green apple, cucumber, ginger, silver beetroot, chia seeds and coconut water. Yum!

We all had trouble choosing as I wanted a lot of things, but I fancied something savoury so I went for ‘crispy duck, clementine, star anise, brown rice and citrus salad’.  Truly delicious and I’d like to return to try more of their menu and maybe go for some of their classic dishes such as their ricotta hot cakes.

Crispy duck & clementine


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