Truffles & Prosecco at Trufflesecco review

Two words… truffles, prosecco = Trufflesecco, in Camden very near to Morning Crescent tube station.  Again, I managed to get here just before the Time Out rush as a review was published that same day.

There are only two proseccos you can order by the glass, everything else is by the bottle and since I was with a vegan, we opted for Thomson & Scott Skinny Prosecco, which may not have been the cheapest but has far less sugar, organic and vegan.  Some people might feel a bit dubious about how it may taste, but it was honestly delightful!  Sometimes prosecco can be sweet but this was lovely and I’m tempted to order some for myself!

Thomson and Scott Skinny Prosecco
Now onto the truffle aspect. You can smell this once you walk in and you know you’re in the right place.  So, when visiting with a vegan, the options are very limited. There’s truffle popcorn (which was amazing) or the very small mixed antipasto, but nothing on the main menu was suitable, which was a shame.  However, if you aren’t vegetarian or vegan, then there are a some nice choices available.  

I opted for the truffle mac and cheese, which was lovely and homely but if I were to visit again, I’d probably go for the burrata with fresh truffle or the chef’s signature dish of Trufflesecco pasta, pasta with truffle shavings. You can never go wrong with cheese and truffles!

Trufflesecco mac and cheese
My friend managed to book for two on the day, it is a very small venue and it was quiet on a Tuesday evening, but it might be different on other days.

Overall, it was a tasty treat and great for a small catch up and a mini celebration.


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