Japanese food at Nobu review

Nobu (Berkeley, London) has always been one place that I wanted to visit, the epitome of Japanese food, but the price was always off putting.  So here was my chance as part of our quarterly girls dinner club at fancy restaurants.  Treating ourselves every now and again.

I found the menu overwhelming and thought I’d probably order too much individually so I wanted to opt for some sort of set menu or tasting menu.  Now this was what was time consuming.  With a table of six, asking about the difference between the £85 and £110 omakase multi-course menus, not to mention the vegetarian option and wagyu beef options too.

The waiter then had to explain the differences a few times as nothing was written down as well as checking if we could switch one dessert from one menu to the other.  If the menus had been written down, we would’ve spent less time trying to remember and asking questions.

In the end, three of us opted for the £85, one for the vegetarian and myself and one other opting for the £110 option (lobster and venison swayed me!). It was also hard to try and remember what dishes I had without a menu to refer to, so I am trying my best!

Below you can see images of the courses, including: sashimi with a lobster and ponzu gel, salmon and lobster sashimi salad, sushi with soft shell crab, lobster with pak choi, venison with garlic sauce and a chocolate fondant and green tea ice cream bento box.

Sashimi starter Nobu
Salmon salad Nobu

Sushi at Nobu

Lobster at Nobu

Venison at Nobu

Chocolate fondant and green tea ice cream at Nobu

Overall, I really enjoyed the experience and it was great to have a table that perfectly fit six people without having to shout across to each other.  I did find that there were often far too many waiting staff crowding round and behind our table and it felt claustrophobic at times and sometimes the staff repeated what the dishes were as they didn’t realise someone already explained it.

The decor was nice and there was background music which didn’t drown your conversations.  There were a mixture of clientele including a family with children (lucky them!), girlfriends out together, celebrations and dates.  Overall if I didn’t find the menu too overwhelming, I’d be happy to return!


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