Ristorante la Caravella, Amalfi – restaurant review 

When a foodie meets another foodie on a holiday, both like visiting restaurants and Michelin star rated ones, then of course you might look one up.  Looking in the Amalfi coast region for the top 10 restaurants, a 1 Michelin star restaurant ‘La Caravella’ popped up.

Thinking it might be like London, where restaurants have a 3 month waiting list, we thought we’d try our luck and low and behold they had a table free for us.

The restaurant is right by the main coastal road by Amalfi, but not near enough that you get any type of view.  The place has been around for 50 years and was the first south of Italy to gain a Michelin star.  The decor was lovely, with lots of local ceramics and pottery to catch the eye and as we took a seat, we realised we nearly had the place to ourselves.  There was one other table of two , making six people in total.  The place was missing some atmosphere.

Three of us ordered from the degustation menu, which I recommend you do, rather than a la crate, which would end up as the same price but with a lot less to eat!  The wine list needed the strength that you normally reserve for flicking to the index of an Argos catalogue.  With such a large book, you’d expect a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, but were told they used to offer it but no one ordered it so they stuck to mainly Italian and some others.  We then ordered a Sauvignon Blanc from Slovakia…it was orange, smelled and tasted completely different to what I would expect, wouldn’t recommend!

Anyway, onto the food! Menu as follows:

Sushi raw fish of the day

Stuffed anchovies with smoked mozzarella cheese served on broccoli and anchovy sauce

Home made cuttlefish ink pasta stuffed with ricotta cheese and lobster served with tomato, squid and fried bread

Small spaghetti omelette, with the aroma of fish and seafood

White fish gratin stewed with Greco di Tufo wine with fennel julienne, sun dried tomato and fresh mint

Lemon sorbet

Fried cake filled with ricotta cheese, wheat, candied fruit and served with orange ice cream

Remember, that I said that we almost had the restaurant to ourselves, so we ended up getting a few extra dishes from the other choice of menu too, but I’ll let you read on to find out what one of the most surprising dishes was!

I forgot the photograph the sushi, but I remembered the rest!

Stuffed anchoviesThe stuffed anchovies were one of the stars of the meal, memorable and tasty!

Cuttlefish ravioli My personal favourite was this cuttlefish ravioli.  The visual of the meal always adds to the enjoyment of the meal, and this was visually pleasing and really really tasty!

Spaghetti omeletteWhen you’re expecting a small spaghetti omelette, you wouldn’t really expect the above.  I actually didn’t really know what to expect.  The seafood was perfect and broth was tasty. Not sure i’m sold on a spaghetti omelette though.

Fish gratinWhite fish gratin was tasty but a bit dry and not memorable.

Lemon sorbet When you’re in Amalfi, you have to try something with lemons and when lemons come as part of your dish, you have high expectations and this sorbet had so much flavour in a small spoon. Burst of sunshine in your mouth and made me want more!
Fried cakeThis was a bit disappointing as the cake was very dry and quite heavy after so many courses already.  We thought this was the end of our meal, but there was one little surprise left.

Aubergine with chocolateLet me introduce to you ‘Aubergine with chocolate’.  Yup…you read that right.  It was like a bit of slime covered with bitter chocolate and one of the party accidentally had it slip from her spoon, spoiling the table cloth.  It was trying to be edgy, trying to be different, but if this appeared on masterchef, I know that they would not be impressed! It was a disappointing end to the meal and should have ended on the lemon sorbet.

I’m sure the atmosphere will be better during the peak summer months hopefully and the menu changes according to the season, so maybe the aubergine will come off the menu!


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