Bacon naan roll

Dishoom for breakfast

You normally wouldn’t think of an Indian restaurant for breakfast or brunch, with ideas of curries probably dancing around your head.  But then again, this is Dishoom and a breakfast there is pretty memorable.

I made the journey over to Shoreditch and we sat in the ‘inside’ area, with the outside area covered but still actually indoors.  I arrived early, and having eaten there before for lunch and dinner, I was already looking forward to a cup of house chai while was waiting.  People who know me, know I don’t really drink hot drinks, which is very ‘un-English’ of me, as I don’t start my day with a coffee and then drink five cups of tea a day.  The house chai is a fragrant milky tea with spices (I’m assuming cloves, cardamom and maybe aniseed?).

Dishoom House Chai

Once everyone arrived, there was no doubt in my mind what I’d be having.  The famous bacon naan roll, with smoked streaky bacon coming from The Ginger Pig, dry-cured with rock salt and demerara sugar then cold smoked over oak chips.  Served with cream cheese, chilli tomato jam and herbs.  This is pure genius, and so tasty, I probably could’ve ordered another!  They also had options with egg and sausage as well as a twist on an English cooked breakfast.


Bacon naan roll

If only they had one a little closer to home, but then I’d be tempted to go every weekend!


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