Dinner at Lyle’s

So this review is a little late, but I still remember the meal, so I’ll still blog about it!  Once again, we booked a place here for the quarterly girls’ dinner.  Unlike most of the other places, the price for this was pretty reasonable, especially for a Michelin star.

The menu changes on a daily basis, and they normally update the website each day with the menu, but no matter how often I refreshed during the day, the menu hadn’t been uploaded.  This meant I was going in blind!  However, I know the ingredients would be fresh and the meal would be tasty, so I wasn’t too concerned.

Dinner was £55 with a no choice approach (unless you have allergies, vegetarian etc).  I arrived a little late, due to train issues, so it took a little while to get someone’s attention for a much needed drink which wasn’t ideal! G&T sipped and allergy requests dealt with, we shared some bread (but needed to ask for plates).

So…because everything wasn’t listed on the menu, I’m going to do a bit of guess work here – I tried stalking other people’s food on Instagram, but as it changes on a daily basis, that didn’t help!

We had some amuse buche to start with, which weren’t on the menu but I vaguely remember were spinach leaves with some sort of filling, potentially with anchovy? Hmm next image also wasn’t on the menu but I remember we were making a big deal about white asparagus, so I believe this is it.

Next up was something that I can identify! Green asparagus, walnuts, anchovy & spenwood (cheese).  Followed by my favourite fish, monkfish, artichokes & liver.  Not the hugest fan of liver but I’ll eat anything anyway.

Hmm the next two are a mystery!  I even whatsapp’d the other girls, but noone can remember!  They were tasty though!

The last two dishes were fabulous, suckling kid, ramson and yoghurt and then to finish off the menu, we had brown bread ice cream, honey and elderflower.  The brown bread ice cream wasn’t to everyone’s taste but it went so well with elderflower.

All in all, the menu was fresh and tasty and affordable too.  It took a little while to get attention for drinks, but other than that it was great.  The restaurant felt a bit like a small canteen and not quite the same decor as other restaurants I’d been to, but then I guess it is all about the quality of the food here.


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