Highly recommended ‘Frenchie’ review

Another day, another catch up with one circle of friends.  Now, this was a restaurant I’d never heard of, and unlike me, I didn’t look up the menu prior to visiting.

Frenchie Covent Garden is an absolute gem of a restaurant and credit goes to my friend Vanessa for finding it.  Booking is a must, as it’s a small restaurant which makes it quite intimate but oozing with charm.  Perfect for a catch up with friends or a date. Everything was on point, from the decor to the butter knife and glasses (that I did want to slip into my bag at one point!), everything was chic and service was immaculate.

I wanted to eat everything on the menu, but as always, I’ll pick something that I can’t easily cook at home.  We opted for a couple of snack items, pork crackling with apple and bacon and maple scones with clotted cream. Yes… I said bacon scones.  We were a bit dubious about this one, but since one of us had been before, we were encouraged to try it and I’m definitely glad I did!

All courses are inspired by French cuisine and all come with a slight twist, mainly in the form of being deconstructed versions of classic dishes and looking very instagrammable on the plate!

After mulling over the menu, I decided on going for the duck foie gras served with peaches and pistachios.  I did take a chance on this one, as I wasn’t sure if I’d react to raw peach as I do with nectarine, but safe to say, I survived!  This came out shaped as a slice of pie and full of flavour with a bread roll to spread it on.

Next came the main course and one of my favourites.  Monkfish.  The icing on the cake that it was Cornish Monkfish, which is where my Mum grew up.  Served with the monkfish, was smoked eel, bean ragout, some seaweed and raspberries.  As soon as I saw the raspberries, John Torode’s voice boomed in my head “fish and fruit?!” but this worked completely.

I didn’t go for a dessert as I was already stuffed, but they had cheese options as well as deconstructed banofee pie and strawberry pavlova.  Next time I visit, I’ll make sure there’s enough room for a third course!

Absolutely recommend this place, it pleasantly surprised me and we all came out satisfied and wanting to visit again.  Definitely something special.



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