Disaster at Bluebird Restaurant Review

The Bluebird Restaurant in Chelsea, was always on my list to visit.  The number of times I’ve said I’ll visit to see the giant tennis balls on the roof during Wimbledon or the appearances on ‘Made in Chelsea’.

However, it was quite a disappointing affair for all of us and it seems to have gone downhill and still relies on its name, rather than service and food.

We unfortunately timed our booking with the Mens finale of Wimbledon, where the outside cafe was full of overpaying tables dining whilst watching TV screens of the game.  I don’t know if this contributed to the mishaps of the day.

We had already read reviews that sometimes the service was too intruding, which we experienced straight away, when three separate people asked if we were still expecting our sixth guest and if we wanted water.  I’m not sure why it took three people three attempts to ask those questions and why we couldn’t have just the one person.  Once our sixth person arrived, we were keen for drinks and usually this is quite a simple order, but our waiter didn’t understand one of our party and she had to speak loudly and slowly for him to understand.

We also arrived at 2pm, hoping for the lunch menu but were given the brunch menu instead but decided to go with it.  However, the sea bream had already run out, which was what I was hoping for.  I opted for the 2 course, and then if there was room, I’d add the dessert.

I started with the Crispy tiger prawns with yuzu mayo.  This was pleasant but difficult to eat with cutlery and a finger bowl would’ve been appreciated.  I decided to stick with the seafood theme for my second course and went with the seared sea trout, pipperade and olives.  My dish was a lot smaller than everyone else’s and he should have warned me about this so I could order some sides.  This was one of the mistakes, but that wasn’t the only one.

My friend asked if the chicken burger was fried or grilled, of the same opinion as me, that a grilled chicken burger would be much nicer.  The waiter confirmed it was grilled, however, this turned up and it was like KFC in the middle of a burger bun.  She also asked if there was any salad in it, again, he confirmed no, again, he was wrong.

One of our friends also didn’t receive their main when we received ours, as he forgot to put it through the system, although her chips arrived.  Instead of allowing her to much on the chips and getting her fresh ones with her meal, he took them away.  At this point, we knew we weren’t going to pay full price as the mistakes kept adding up.

On to the next mistake! Two friends ordered the Sweet potato hash, shitake, kale and poached egg, but you could have been forgiven for thinking they had different dishes. One had twice the amount of sweet potato, meaning the other basically had a dish of kale.

We then had to ask for the dessert menu and due to my small portion of main course, I definitely wanted a dessert.  However, as I’m allergic to raw cherries, I was wanting to check if the Creme chocolat, cherry compote with green team foam has any raw cherries.  After the waiter got the chicken burger question wrong, I didn’t want to risk it, so I opted for the salted caramel profiteroles with pistachio ice cream instead.

My friend ordered the creme chocolat dessert, and from the corner of her eye noticed a waiter had dipped his sleeve in the green tea foam.  She was waiting to see what they would do.  Would they replace it, try and cover it up or leave it.  They didn’t seem bothered, so they just left it which made our decision to remove the service tip 100% locked in.

The place itself was lovely, with lots of plants and art around it, but the place can’t rely on its previous reputation and the pretty factor.  The food was of an OK standard, but nothing special and the service was just all over the place.  Luckily the next time I visit here will be for a supperclub, and will be completely different to the standard service you get from there.


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